we offer consulting services 
related to the entire supply chain and other business projects.

Owing to the experience of the Company’s owners, all our stakeholders as well as regular collaborators and partner firms, we can offer comprehensive consulting services related to both the entire supply chain and other economic and business projects. We can handle projects ranging from transport, to warehousing, to co-packing, to order picking and redistribution. We work on the basis of short- and long-term contracts, from developing and implementing strategies, through process optimization, to support in cutting costs at the operational level and transaction consultancy. Each project is illustrated by reports showing the current and the desired state. We will guide you through the process of implementing a given project and show you by what means to do it, while also presenting important project milestones. However, our Company does not focus solely on audits and reports. We accept such projects readily, pointing to the changes necessary to achieve the desired effect. Our consultants are practitioners with vast experience in international consulting performing managerial functions in business and holders of MBA degrees or CIMA certificates.